Rest Assured Homecare (UK) Limited

Rest Assured Homecare (UK) Limited will offer the highest standards of person centred personal care, reliability and friendly service to all service users and stakeholders, in all age groups over 16, who are living in their own homes and require a little extra help and support.

 We have trained staff who meet service users, prior to commencing service, to agree the care needs and requirements of service users. Each individual will be assessed before service is offered including aspects such as when the service will begin and the times, frequency and duration of care to be provided.

The carers that Rest Assured Homecare (UK) Limited employs are trained in accordance with Skills for Care Common induction as well as bespoke training tailored to meet the meet the specific needs of their client group. Furthermore, they are supervised and supported to provide a quality service to a wide range of people who need care and support whilst living in their own homes.


  • Service users feel that they are treated with respect and valued as a person, and their right to privacy is upheld
  • Service users are assisted to make their own decisions and control their own lives and are supported in maintaining their independence.
  • All service users are treated equally and are protected against any form of discrimination.

Other Details


21.50  per hour
Minimum time is 30 mins and then 15 min increment from then on. Charges for 30 and 45 min available on request


Other notes

All staff will be supported to enable them to take time to care – Home care visits last a minimum 30 mins. This means staff will have time to care and are not rushed which will allow them to deliver a high standard and professional caring service.


We will be flexible and responsive at all times. Having the ability to identify changes in service users’ needs and be willing to adapt care packages quickly to meet those changing needs.

The expectations of Rest Assured Homecare are to always go above and beyond – Staff will be recruited for their caring and compassionate natures and undertake training above and beyond the minimum expectations required by legislation.

All staff and management will focus on the whole person and not just their care and support needs and requirements.  We will model our provision to provide not only a continuity of personalised care but also to be compassionate, and person centred thus building strong relationships between staff and service users.  

Seeing the broader picture – The home care service’s role is to provide care to people but it is also very supportive of family members.

We will encourage reflective practice, which will enable us to constantly improve the services offered Feedback from stakeholders, both positive and negative, will be used as an opportunity for improvement.

It’s all about relationships – At Rest Assured Homecare all service users will be allocated a ‘Key Worker’. We feel that this will prove to provide an invaluable relationship between the service users and his/her key worker. We want all of our staff to pass our ‘Mum Test’

Shared values count – It is Rest Assured Homecare’s aim to become an admired care company in our local area by changing the face of community care. All staff will be encouraged to embrace our vision and ethos

Training and Support – We will ensure staff are provided with effective training and support. That means ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet their service users’ needs effectively.

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