Deaf Parenting UK

Deaf Parenting UK is an organisation that supports deaf parents, enabling confidence, empowering and supporting deaf parents.

Support includes events for deaf parents by deaf parents, and parenting support through groups and one-to-ones.

For many parents who know the joys and challenges of parenting and raising children, they are able to do so by accessing information and services.

But for many deaf parents, we miss out so much because we are deaf.

We can't hear conversations among parents and professionals, and many of the information and services are not accessible to meet our needs, even though deaf parents are 90% likely to have hearing children.

So how can we make informed choices and decisions about our children's lives including their education if we can't have access to the basic information that many take for granted.

As many deaf parents are dispersed across the UK, they become socially isolated.

We are proud to promote the importance of family by offering successful Family Fun Days where deaf parents and children meet on a monthly basis to socialise and to reduce their isolation.

Children's activities are provided as an opportunity for children to mix with others and avoid the stigma of having deaf parents, creating a positive environment for all.

Who are Deaf Parents?

Deaf parents could be Deaf Adults:

  • With Hearing children
  • With Deaf children
  • With step-children/step families
  • As Deaf parents to be, expecting baby
  • As foster/adopter or respite carer
  • Single Mother/Single Father

Therefore Deaf parents means Deaf Adults who have key responsibility for children.

The aims of Deaf Parenting UK

The aims of Deaf Parenting UK, as an independent organisation are:

  • To enable confidence, empowering and supporting Deaf Parents
  • To highlight the gaps in services in UK
  • To work with various organisations including Health, Social Services, Deaf & mainstream parenting organisations to improve access to information and services to Deaf Parents.

Who to contact

Contact Position
Deaf Parenting UK Coordinator
07928 842 529 07928 842 529 Fax:- 0871 2643323 Fax:- 0871 2643323

Where to go

Deaf Parenting UK
Unit 115
815 Woolwich Road
View SE7 8LJ on a map

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