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Lots more Fossil Hunting Trips to one of our most popular locations have been organised so don't miss out on some great opportunities to come on a organised fossil hunt!

Fossils Galore is delighted to announce the arrival of a Woolly Beast (Woolly Rhinoceros Skull).

The skull was found by a local digger driver at a Farmland Excavation close to the Fossils Galore Centre.

The skull dates back 250,000 years ago.

The Preservation of the skull is one of the best that our experts have seen. Jamie Jordan The Owner says "The preservation is so well that the bone is still actually bone".

Lots more important finds are turning up nearly every week now so Fossils Galore will be designing an area on the main page to show all visitors what has come out of the ground as soon as the team have it back at the centre!

Are you a Teacher that would like Fossils Galore to come to your School?

If so please contact us via the following options:

Tel: 01354 278089


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Fossils Galore
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