Camp Quality UK

Camp Quality UK

Camp Quality UK is a non-profitorganisation that is committed to giving children with potential life-limiting illnesses opportunities to enjoy a positive, fun and inspiring childhood through quality recreational, play and creative activity programs.

We exist not just to give hope, but to challenge, inspire and, above all, bring some much-needed fun and laughter into their lives.

Camp Quality gives children with potentially life limiting illnesses the opportunity to be a child again by providing enjoyment and a positive atmosphere.

This positive atmosphere quite often gives them the courage to continue on through treatment.

Camp Quality also gives the families of children with with potentially life limiting illnesses a much-needed break, because we know just how much stress the impact of the diagnosis and treatment places upon parents and siblings.

Camp Quality UK provides holidays for children with a potentially life-limiting condition.

We believe that every child has the right to a positive childhood and everything their peer group takes for granted.

On these holidays children are able to exist in an environment where having the things that they have experienced are considered "normal".

By encouraging the children in a positive environment their self-esteem is increased and they conquer new challenges.

Most importantly though, they have the time of their lives!

For over 25 years, we have given thousands of children this and much more.

They have

  • had fun
  • made new friends
  • done things they had never envisaged before.

When they return home, they feel inspired and keen to face life with a new vigour.

A Camp Quality UK holiday is jam packed with lots of fun things.

Our holidays and recreational activities are run by specially trained volunteers who come from all walks of life, including many from the medical fraternity.

They volunteer because they are passionate, committed and keen to see children enjoy themselves, and provide the environment for them to try things they might never have attempted before.

Registered Charity Number: 293882

Who to contact

0121 288 4745 0121 288 4745

Where to go

98, Kingsbury Road
B24 8QJ
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Last Updated

Last updated: Over 6 months ago


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