Gladstone Connect

Gladstone Connect

Mission Statement: “Striving for a prosperous and self-confident community”

Gladstone Connect is an urban regeneration charity, established in 1997, whose objects are to promote public benefits in areas of social & economic deprivation particularly in the inner city area of Peterborough. In general, it is to assist in the relief of poverty & unemployment, advance education & training, improve housing and, health & wellbeing by all means available including securing funds for specific projects and working with other partners.



  1. To seek first rate access to services for all residents of the inner city area of Peterborough

  2. To support residents in their aspirations for secure and properly rewarded employment, for safe and secure housing, for well-resourced education and training, for good health and wellbeing and for enjoyable recreation and social contact

  3. To act as a conduit for service providers to access residents of our area in order to assess their needs and make appropriate provision accordingly

  4. To increase the awareness of rights and responsibilities among residents of our area

  5. To encourage the development of local services by local people

  6. To seek resources where possible to deliver services for local people to meet identified needs

Who to contact

(01733) 756275 (01733) 756275 0792 849 7771 0792 849 7771
Gladstone Connect

Where to go

Allama Iqbal Family Centre, 157
Cromwell Road
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