Rough Times

Rough Times

This is a guide for young people in Peterborough & Cambridgeshire, their parents, carers, friends and family... how to look after your emotional well-being when times are difficult, and what to do when you may need some extra help.

It might be anything from "urgent", through "fairly serious", "bit of a pain", to "not bad but life would be better without it" (and it might get worse) but it will help you decide when to tackle it if you know how bad it is.

Figure out what to do including getting some help to decide, and how and where to get help including what happens if you do contact a helpline or website.

Learn how to look after your emotional wellbeing in rough AND smooth times, and what to do if you need some extra help from the professionals.  

Learn how to get more out of life and stay on top so you are ready for the rough times if they come your way.

What do they offer?

  • Information from the website
  • Many are national and can be contacted by email or phone
  • Help and information may be available 24/7.
  • Helplines with restricted hours
  • Sometimes they have leaflets you can download or have sent to you
  • There may be online chat or other interaction with other people like you
  • You may be able to help each other on some sites
  • You can talk to people who can't see you, and you don't have to say who you are.

 See what's in your area

  • Some services are local and you can just drop in or make an appointment
  • Some have groups you can join for support or just fun  
  • You might be able to volunteer to help.

You can also browse the service directories on the CPFT site for more organisations or services which may be able to help you. The entries give details of how to find out more and contact the service or organisation.*

You don't have to read this like a book, a page at a time - you can pick out the bits you think are relevant to you by using the menu (or list) down the left hand side of the page , shortcut to specific parts of the site using the orange buttons on the header of each page, or try the  searches. You can browse A-Z, or search using specific words you enter. Find all the topics we deal with - you might be surprised what's there, and you can use the keywords in blue on the left to find where there is more about them on the site.

And if some of the terms don't mean a thing to you and you haven't got a clue what we're on about, try seeing what they mean in ordinary language in the glossary or the explanations for kids. A lot of the terms are things to do with mental health and the services provided and not things you will have come across in everyday life!  

If you get lost and forget where you were, you can see the trail of how you got to each page in the black bit below the header at the top of the page (eg, find help/ young people/ what's making it rough/bullying. This is called a "breadcrumb") and you can use that to go back to a previous step of your search by clicking on it.  

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