Vision for Reading in Peterborough

Vision for Reading in Peterborough


A Vision for Reading in Peterborough is an exciting new approach to ensure that every child in the city reads well and enjoys reading.


Developed by Peterborough City Council, Vivacity and the National Literacy Trust, the vision commits the city to improving reading in a new and exciting way, not only strengthening the resources of the city’s schools and teachers but establishing reading as a priority for every service, business and community agency committed to Peterborough’s future.


The vision places particular focus on: encouraging schools and partners to prioritise reading by signing the Peterborough Reading Pledge, recruiting and training Reading Buddies to support pupils at Peterborough schools, raising awareness of and implementing the School Readiness Project to ensure more children are ready to learn when they start school, and celebrating the Peterborough Year of Reading in 2019/20.

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Vision for Reading

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